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Ceiling-Mounted Air Conditioner

Air conditioner or AC is an essential item, particularly for households or department stores with lots of people, to provide cooled air. With the tropical and humid climate of Thailand, it is necessary to have an AC. Apart from the global warming issue that causes the increase in AC sales, the health issue is another factor. In newer AC models that come with filter capability, it is possible to filter out particles that come with the air for your better health.

The three most common air conditioner types are a floor-mounted AC, a wall-mounted AC, and a ceiling-mounted AC. Each of them comes with different functionalities and performance, depending on the usage.

The ceiling-mounted air conditioner is usually designed to fit within a limited space. The main advantage of these units is its aesthetics as the bulk of the system is unseen. It is designed to operate efficiently while saving a lot of space. After installation, this type of AC still maintains its beauty. The outer part of the AC looks like a cartridge, designed to keep the AC inside. It can be placed either above or under the ceiling line. Apart from these advantages, the ceiling-mounted AC also has a satisfying cooling capability. However, due to the difference in the design, its popularity is not very high. As for the disadvantages, the most obvious one must be the installation process as it requires the mounting of AC inside a cartridge, which can be difficult. The maintenance process is also troublesome, and water leakage problem is quite common.

The suitable location to place the ceiling-mounted AC is usually a bedroom and a living room. The proper BTU size will maximize the efficiency of the AC.

In conclusion, the advantages of the ceiling-mounted air conditioner include space saving capability, aesthetics, and multidirectional air flow. However, there is a trade-off on the AC operation, which requires the ceiling-mounted AC to operate at a much higher degree than other types of AC. There are two things to consider and carefully examine when installing this type of AC as follows.

The first thing is the installation location. It is not recommended to install the AC deep under the ceiling as the cooled air may not be able to flow out smoothly. It can cause the inefficient cooling of the room.

The second thing is the surrounding area. It is not recommended to install the AC over any electronic appliances as the dropping water leakage may result in unwanted consequences.

In conclusion, the selection of the AC should not be based only on the price. You should take the suitability of the area into consideration because purchasing and installing the AC is a long-term investment. It is as if you buy long-term happiness, so you should select what is best for you.

Last but not least, Power Buy also provides other types of air conditioning units for you to select based on your lifestyle and suitability. We can ensure that every item is carefully hand-picked to be interesting, well worth, and high in quality.