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The air conditioning system or The air condition

The air conditioning system or the air conditioner is the electric appliance for household, office, or factory, which is necessary to adjust the temperature in those specific areas and make people feel comfortable to live, work, and relax. To date, it has been developed to maintain the temperature for various items such as medicine and food to prolong their shelf life. Back in 1902, more than a hundred years ago, when the history of the air conditioner began, Willis Haviland Carrier was the mechanical engineer who invented it for the first time. Carrier sketched the mechanical drawing and proposed an invention for reducing the humidity that no one had never seen before, which was called "air conditioning system" or "air conditioner". The operation of an air conditioner is generally based on four capabilities, which are;

1. Control humidity  

2. Control the temperature  

3. Control air circulation and ventilation  

4. Control air quality

For a country such as Thailand, there is the association of air conditioning traders called T.A.T.A. (Thai Air Conditioning Traders Association). It is gathered by the electrical appliance shops and distributors called "Green Shop", founded by the Electricity Generating Authority Manufacturing of Thailand or EGAT. The purposes of the operation were to promote and standardize the installation and service of the air conditioner system, and also conduct the social and environmental activities.

From above, a brief history of the air conditioners is there. Thus, Power Buy would like to recommend some of the interesting air conditioners that could provide relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for your daily life.

The first model is from Samsung brand that provides the best air conditioner for your need. Whether you are choosing the air conditioner for home or business usage, the recommended model is Samsung AR13NYDXAWKNS wall-mounted air conditioner (13,000 BTU, Inverter), which fits for a 13 to 14 square meters room. The multi-direction cooling system and 3 CARE FILTER air purification help maintain a comfortable level of coolness without the unpleasant feeling of direct cold wind, which allows you to sleep comfortably all night. Also, It saves energy and works smart.

Next, the air conditioner MSY-JP09VF Inverter (8,871 BTU)and the air conditioning piping MAC2304 from Mitsubishi Electric is the split inverter air conditioner with energy saving No. 5 labeling. The Dual Barrier Coating technology helps to reduce dust sticking with an anti-dust coating, clothing dust, oil mist, and smoke. There is the nano platinum filter, an air filter that eliminates odors, which also inhibits bacteria and viruses. It is also equipped with the refrigerant R32, an environmental-friendly refrigerant. This model is suitable for a 9 to 14 square meters room.

The air conditioner RAS-S10CJT (10,500 BTU, White) and the air conditioning piping PP23S4MTH from HITACHI comes with the UV FRESH system, which can automatically clean the cooling coil system and also eliminate bacteria and fungus, the perfect solution to the family lifestyle. There are the anti-corrosion coating compressor with GREEN FIN CONDENSER, the air purifier nano titanium stainless steel pre-filter, and the nano titanium filter. This model is suitable for a 9 to 15 square meters room.